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Premium Lenses & Refractive Procedures

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NEW: Extended Depth of Focus Lens for patients who want some degree of spectacle independence but more sensitive to visual side effects

31/07/2017 - Cutting Edge Lens Surgery For Macular Degeneration - information for patients optometrists

>> Treatment Options for Premium Lenses

What is a premium lens?

When we take your lens out we replace it with a new synthetic one.

We have the opportunity to take away your long or short sightedness which is done with a monofocal lens however we cannot get rid of your astigmatism so you will still be reliant on spectacles and your vision without spectacles will be blurry. If you have a premium lens in the form of a toric IOL we can take the curvature of your cornea (the clear window at the front of the eye that causes the astigmatism) and get a special bespoke lens which will take that curvature and put it on the lens in your eye to give you great vision without spectacles.

It is frustrating having to wear reading spectacles, distance spectacles and sometimes another pair of spectacles for your intermediate vision, such as looking at the computer screens. This is overcome to some degree by varifocal spectacles but they are not always ideal. We have the opportunity to put the latest generation of trifocal lenses into your eye to give you good distance, intermediate and near vision. True spectacle independence is possible however long you’ve worn your specs.

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I have astigmatism and want to maximise my chances of being spectacle free for distance.

Consider - Toric IOLs

I wish to achieve good distance and near vision without spectacles.

Consider - Multifocal IOLs

I am over 40 and very long or short sighted and want to achieve good distance vision without spectacles.

Consider - Refractive Lens Exchange 

I am very short sighted and do not wear reading spectacles. I want to have a reversible, safe technique that will take away my short sightedness.

Consider - Phakic IOLs – treatment for short sightedness 

I have significant astigmatism and my budget cannot stretch to a toric IOL but I still want to try and get rid of some of my astigmatism.

Consider - Cataract and Astigmatism Surgery

I have already had cataract surgery but have been left still reliant on spectacles for distance. Is there anything that can be done?

Consider – Sulcoflex® top-up intraocular lenses

I have already had cataract surgery and am frustrated by having to use spectacles for my near and intermediate vision. Is there anything that can be done?

Consider - Sulcoflex® multifocal top-up intraocular lens

>>Treatment Options for Premium Lenses